Eddy Joaquim

Phoot Camper Eddy Joaquim is a product of the places he has lived. Born in South Africa, he now finds himself in the inspiring (burrito-infused) land of San Francisco. Eddy is an architect — his keen eye for design and geometric shapes is obvious in his distinctive approach to photography.

"As I sit here at my desk (back at work, alas) it's pretty easy to reminisce back on what was such a great weekend - thanks again to all of you who made this happen; who made me laugh; who taught me new goodies; encouraged me to wear ridiculous attire; or strip off said ridiculous attire; gave out random little mementos; displayed generosity in sharing what you know; did I mention make me laugh... thank you Kevin-in-a-panda-suit for an ingrained image that I cannot possibly ever lose, even with severe dementia."